Our Origins

The Origins of Our Horses

Andalusian horse origin dates far back in history, as it is Europe's oldest horse breed. Its roots are, in fact, going all the way back to Roman times. Perhaps its origins are even further back in time.

An increasingly popularity for purebred Spanish horses in dressage, has given rise to new demands on movements and functionality. Mental capacity is another quality that is required of the in order to perform at the highest level of the new sport. 

The CavalReal stud breeds horses that, apart from being capable of filling the function of a trusted best friend, are  also suitable for high level sport. Because of this, we specialize in functionality, and have selected the most athletic and functional of the Spanish bloodlines to form the foundation for our program.

Origin and the Lines of the CavalReal Stud

We breed mainly with Guardiola, Bocado and Yeguada Militar, through the most prominent individuals of those lines of horses.

The foundation stallion of the CavalReal stud is Fer Bulería. His father Mañoso II  is a qualified stallion with an exceptional ability to improve the quality his offspring. And thanks to this, Fer Bulería has inherited many of the most important qualities of this historical stallion. 

Fer Bulería's mother Kanaka III brings the expressive, elastic movements of the Pampero V champion line. If you would go through the pedigrees of the most illustrious Spanish Absolute Champion of Movements, you would find that many of them have this Pampero V in their pedigree.

Fortunately, Fer Bulería transmits his movements well to his offspring. This means that as an owner to a CavalReal horse, you will be able to experience for yourself the unique sensation of these powerful movements.

Add to this the best Guardiola and Yeguada Military dressage lines, and the result is some very interesting offspring. These two athletic, sport horse-lines are the foundation of our broodmares' pedigrees.

Some Prominent Stallions in CavalReal Pedigrees

Apart from Fer Bulería, some of the most important stallions from the history of the purebred Spanish horse can be found in the pedigrees of our foals. 

• Atlantico 1981, the foundation stallion of the Cardenas stud, world famous for the beauty and class of its horses. This stallion that is long since dead, has added breed, class and a great, romantic beauty to his many offspring
• Agente and Reberte from the Military stud Yeguada Militar, two of the great pillars of the breed in terms of athleticism and strength
Two of the most important Guardiola stallions, Maromo and Centella V, Breed Champion of Spain. As the Guardiola family was breeding bulls for bullfighting, needed horses that could work in the countryside for hours without rest. Because of this, the horses of this line are typically brave, agile, resistant and very energetic. 
• The supremely functional Albero II 
Super-mover Hispano IV, from the Olympic horse Fuego de Cardenas's mother line.

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A 2 month-old son of Fer Bulería, Reserve Champion of Spain