Foundation Stallion

Foundation Stallion

 Fer Buleria (Mañoso II x Kanaka III, b. Yeguada Ferrero, o. Yeguada CavalReal) is the foundation stallion of the CavalReal breeding program.  Reserve Champion of Spain, he is a charismatic stallion measuring 16,24 hh / 165 cm at the withers. He gives first class grey, bay and chestnut offspring, typically transmitting his strong and perfect back, powerful set of movements, beautiful head and fantastic character.

In the current panorama of purebred Spanish stallions, Fer Bulería stands out for his excellent conformation and impressive functionality. Many consider him to be one of the most complete stud stallions alive today. 

Currently Available for Purchase

• Purebred Spanish foals and fillies sired by Fer Bulería, 1 - 3 years old
• PRE Andalusian dressage prospects under saddle, sired by Fer Bulería, 3 - 4 years
• Pura Raza Española mares covered with Fer Bulería, 7 - 13 years old

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Fer Buleria's Family of Champions

The list of merits of Fer Bulería's champion brothers and sisters in the official registers is more than four pages long. An outstanding Absolute Campion of the Breed and Functionality, and a Champion of Movements, Fer Buleria won the title Reserve Champion of Spain at SICAB in 2008.

Fer Bulería in Dressage

Fer Bulería had his career in breed competitions, where judges look for natural movements also under saddle in the discipline called Functionality. At a later age, he started receiving training in FEI dressage, which requires another type of collection and movement. As a dressage horse, he has reached the Prix St George / Grand Prix level. This fact makes him the one horse of the formidable Mañoso II / Ferrero line who has achieved the highest level in this discipline.

Character and Connection

As for the character, even though he is fully fledged stud stallion, Fer Buleria is so gentle that children can easily handle him. A child could even ride him. 

As an individual, Fer Bulería is a noble horse with a big and generous heart. He has an almost unlimited willingness to give his all to his rider. This makes for an unique experience of connection and ease while riding him, something that some of Spain's most famous riders testify to. 

He typically transmits his exceptional character to all of his sons and daughters.

Fer Buleria Merits

Fer Bulería's Merits, Summarized

SICAB, The Spanish National Championship  
– Reserve Champion of Spain / Subcampéon de España, SICAB 2008
– Bronze Medal | Medalla de bronze, section 12, SICAB 2005

– 8 x Absolute Champion of Champion of Functionality
– 5 x Champion of Functionality |  Mejor Functionalidad

Breed Conformation
– 3 x Absolute or Reserve Champion of the Breed
– 1 x Absolute Champion of Champion of Movements

– 4 x Champion of Movements | Mejores Movimientos

Fer Bulería's Full List of Merits

Fer Bulería is a grand champion of all competition categories that exist within the PRE Andalusian horse breed – Breed, Movements and Functionality (you can see the full list of medals here)