The CavalReal stud farm breeds PRE Andalusian dressage horses in Spain

The CavalReal stud farm was founded in 2010 to serve the international community of dressage riders and breed aficionados with fine purebred Spanish horses. Based on a strict selection of lines, we breed PRE Andalusian dressage horses, best-friend horses for pleasure riding, as well as first class conformation horses and breeding stock.

PRE Andalusian Dressage Horses From Elite Stallions

Because we want to satisfy the requirements of today’s dressage riders, the CavalReal line of horses is highly functional. The CavalReal stud breeds only with stallions training and competing at the Grand Prix level, for example:

Fer Bulería – Reserve Champion of Spain, Absolute Champion of Functionality, Absolute Champion of Movements, training in dressage at the level of Grand Prix
Atiza II – Acclaimed international Grand Prix stallion

PRE Andalusian Dressage Horses for Sale in Spain