Our Foals

PRE Andalusian foals and FEI dressage prospects from grand champion lines can be found at the CavalReal Andalusian horses stud farm in Spain. The foals live half-wild in flocks on large open fields in Spain until 3 years old. Then both colts and fillies enter training with first class professional dressage trainers.

Without exception, CavalReal PRE Andalusian foals all come from Spanish champion lines that are leaders in movements, strength and functionality.

The stud farm foundation stallion is Reserve Champion of Spain Fer Bulería. Occasionally, we also breed with other top Spanish stallions. One example is Atiza II,  Champion of Spain. Atiza II is a famous international Grand Prix horse that competed for the national Spanish team together with his rider Eva Navarro. 

PRE Andalusian Foals Born in the Wild

Our foals are born on the fields out in the open, surrounded by their aunts and their sisters and brothers. The first three years they live free out on the large open fields of Southern Spain. All year round, come rain and come shine, they remain outdoors. First with their mothers and later running half-wild with their brothers and sisters.

In this kind of natural environment, our PRE Andalusian foals develop excellent social skills, a strong and healthy musculature, sturdy tendons and limbs, and a strong immune system. 

Generally speaking, CavalReal PRE Andalusian foals are morphologically excellent and with good movements in all three gaits. All of them are, without exception, kind and gentle. They have a wonderful character and are very easy to teach and handle.

The Promising Future of our PRE Andalusian Foals

All of our PRE Andalusian foals make lovely future companions for an amateur rider who want a gorgeous, safe and comfortable lifetime friend. Some them are future FEI dressage prospects, while yet others are potential future breed champions, or promising stud stallions or brood mares.

( ... and as an exception, one of them, just so happens to have a great love and rare talent for jumping...)

At three years of age, all our foals - both male and female - leave the open fields to go under saddle for a leading Spanish dressage trainer.

Photo at Top of Page

Atila Real (Fer Bulería x Esmeralda CXXXV), a first class grey male born 2014 and today under saddle with a leading Spanish dressage trainer. His grandfather at the mother line is the Spanish Grand Prix horse "Masanor".