PRE Andalusian Horses

PRE Andalusian horses for pleasure riding, dressage and breed competition can be found at the CavalReal stud farm.

Under the links of this page, you can find more information about our foundation stallion Fer Bulería.You will also find information about our PRE Andalusian broodmares and our foals.

We Work With A Small Selection of Horses

A small operation, CavalReal does not breed large number of horses. We are instead concentrating on producing a small number of horses each year. We hope you will like our selection of mares. Take a look at the result of their peaceful lives, living together as mothers in the fields with their babies. Just as  Spanish mares have always done.

Natural is Best

Just like in ancient days, we like to keep our brood mares and foals close to their natural state. Keeping foals as nature intended them, makes for harmonious and self-confident adult horses. Horses that grow up like this are less prone to psychological problems, illness and accidents.

We believe this is a clear advantage for our customers, as our young ones venture out into the world together with them.

Share Your Ideas with Us

Let us know what kind of horse you are currently looking for.  Maybe we can help you out. 

Photo on Top of Page

Africano Real (Fer Bulería x Inducida IV), a first class bay male born 2014 and today under saddle with a leading Spanish dressage trainer. His mother Inducida IV is a black PRE Andalusian brood mare that was qualified for and has competed in SICAB. Inducida IV is the sister of the black Grand Prix horse Intruso X, trained and competed by José Antonio Mena in Spain.

Apart from having a great mind and good movents for dressage. Africano has a great talent and love for jumping over, through and between anything, no matter the height. This does not come as a surprise, as he has relatives that are successfully competing in jumping and eventing in Spain

Africano is a good-looking, brave and smart horse. With his kind and gentle temperament, he is the perfect friend for life or competition for a child, young rider or amateur rider.