PRE Andalusian Mares

PRE Andalusian mares at the CavalReal stud farm come from Spanish grand champion lines famous for their strength, movements and functionality. Their purebred Spanish, PRE Andalusian offspring typically have a good conformation for sport, with strong legs and backs, as well as an excellent mentality.

In order to become a treasured mother at CavalReal, a mare is first of all scrutinised for her overall conformation for sport.

The Selection Process 

In the selection process, we more particularly look for perfect backs, good withers and strong legs and tendons. We also want to see an excellent overall conformation for strength, athleticism and movement. 

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

In the breeding of first class sport horses, a good body is not enough. A good mind is also required. But some psychological characteristics that are required for performance are unfortunately rare in many of the traditional Spanish lines.

To establish a strong mind for competition in our horses, we have selected only broodmares with a focused, trusting, generous and relaxed mind. Together with certain other characteristics, they will then hopefully transmit this ideal mindset for a future high performance horse, to their children.  

Good-looking, Tall and Well Bred

Selected for their excellent pedigrees, good size (15,75 - 16,73 hands / 160 - 170 cm), movement and character, you will find that all CavalReal brood mares are kind, generous and very easy to handle. 

Our PRE Andalusian Mares Have Three Good Gaits

From a movement point of view, we only select mares that have three good gaits. Typically, most purebred Spanish horses would have a good to great trot. However, most of them would be seriously lacking in either canter or walk, or both.

We have selected mares that move well in walk, trot and canter. We also look for suspension and extension, and the forward-moving knee that modern dressage requires.  

Our Horses Have Zero Winging / Dishing

We do not tolerate any of the winging or dishing in our horses. This is a fad that was at one point a fashionable movement defect of the Spanish horse and that you will still find in many lines of breeding.

We Ride Our PRE Andalusian Mares

To guarantee that they possess the physical and mental characteristics of good sport horses, our broodmares are also ridden. This is an added investment we have chosen to make in the quality of our horses.

After three years of age, we put them in training for a couple of years with a leading Spanish dressage trainer. This is something that is otherwise exceptionally rare in the management of Spanish stud farms. 

Photo on Top of Page

Hechizo VG (Joyero Salvatella x Venezolana II, b. Velasco Gonzales), is a first class brood mare from the Centella V and Lebrijano III lines.

Of Guardiola origins, Hechizo VG is the best mover of the CavalReal stud. In the photo she is only three years old. She received top grades from her dressage trainers during her two years of being ridden. They who would often comment that she would make a top competition horse, in the case she would continue training.

Trainers would especially comment on the quality of her movements in all three gaits, her great willingness to learn and the ease with which she would absorb and integrate any new knowledge.

Hechizo VG's offspring are some of the best of the CavalReal stud.