The Breed

The Purebred Spanish Horse

In the old days, the Spanish Horse of Kings was known and highly appreciated by the European courts. Used as a war horse by the European royals of those days, it developed many movements and skills to help and protect its rider in battle.

Extreme and demanding movements were developed by the masters of those days, to be used in battle. Examples of such are the impressive "airs above the ground", such as "levade", "capriole" and "courbette", still performed today at places such as the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

Other movements were also developed for the same purpose of protecting a rider in war, movements that demanded much strength, collection and training from the horse. Examples of such movements that we still use today in the modern form of dressage, are "pirouette", "piaffe" and "passage".

Because of their long history as a horse of kings, the purebred Spanish horses of our days still have a natural talent for all movements that require a cooperative temperament, collection and strong hindquarters. 

In our breeding, we aim to keep and develop these characteristics, so unique and precious in the world of horses.

Painting on Top of Page

Louis Philippe d'Orléans, Duke of Orléans, Saluting his army on the Battlefield, mounted on his purebred Spanish Horse. Painting by Alexander Roslin (Detroit Institute of Arts).

Louis Philippe d'Orléans (1725 – 1785), was a French prince and a member of the House of Bourbon, the dynasty that was at that time ruling France. 

Painting by Alexander Roslin [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.